senosan® TopX Acryl Glass

New product - Glass effect surfaces

Glass fronts create an elegant appearance in interior design. Real glass however is a very demanding and sensitive material with regard to impact and cleaning properties.
The solution is Lacquered-Acryl-Glass from Senosan – high quality surfaces with glass effect, giving the appearance of depth with it’s high gloss level. This co-extruded material combines the aesthetic advantages of real glass fronts with the processing and practical advantages of senosan® films. All in all: superb design, superb handling.

Advantages of the new product senosan® TopX Acryl Glass (available in 5 trend colors):

  • Claim free processing
  • Ability to be cut and drilled on site for fitting of handles
  • Low in weight – flexible fitting on site
  • Excellent impact strength and scratch resistance
  • Easy to clean and maintain

The 2 mm thickness creates a glass effect, optically enhanced by the milled edges. To avoid bowing/bending of the finished parts after lamination, a color matched senosan® rear-side balancing sheet material in 2 mm is available. This material can be ordered at Senoplast.

Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level (60°) Thickness (mm) Color Application
senosan® TopX Acryl Glass Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
1,1 N to IHD-W-466
Class 1
GLE ca. 90 2,00 Colored Flat lamination
senosan® Glass RS (available at Senoplast) With 017DB embossing,
Corona on reverse
- GLE ca. 7 2,00 Colored Flat lamination

Below please find 5 trend colors which are available at stock in the dimension 2800x1300x2,00mm.
For all senosan® products, before ordering, please definitely ask us for an original color sample! All the colors in this brochure are given for orientation only. In no way can they be seen as legally binding!
Product and color changes, all rights reserved.


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