senosan® AM1800TopMatt Anti-Fingerprint

Premium product in supermatt surface quality with hardcoat finish and anti-fingerprint effect

In addition to the still trend setting high gloss fronts in the kitchen area, nowadays more and more customers are demanding matt surfaces. Senosan has foreseen this development on the market and is in the position to produce
a supermatt quality with the new production line. These new supermatt surfaces with anti-fingerprint effect offer the same high quality surface features as the high gloss furniture films and are the benchmark in the industry. Their scratch and abrasion resistance is significantly higher than with standard matt surfaces.

This material senosan® AM1800TopMatt AF impresses with outstanding product features, such as

  • Excellent anti-fingerprint effect

    Excellent anti-fingerprint effect

  • Outstanding stain resistance

    Outstanding stain resistance

  • Supermatt, smooth surface

    Supermatt, smooth surface

  • Excellent scratch resistance

    Excellent scratch resistance

  • Scour resistant

    Scour resistant

  • Increased UV resistance

    Increased UV resistance

  • Exceptional chemical resistance

    Exceptional chemical resistance

  • Pleasant surface feeling

    Pleasant surface feeling

  • Easy to clean and maintain

    Easy to clean and maintain

Possible Applications
Various furniture applications (and others) for interior. Just for 1D application (flat lamination).

Technical details

Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level
Color Application
AM1800TopMatt AF
Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
Class 4B
> 2,0 N Erichsen
DIN 68861/T4
Gloss units
< 5 
0.50 Colored Flat lamination
AM1800TopMatt AF MET.
Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
Class 4B
> 2,0 N Erichsen
DIN 68861/T4
Gloss units
< 8
0.50 - 0.70 Colored, metallic Flat lamination

senosan® AM1800TopMatt AF films are available in 17 market-adjusted trend colors and can be offered ex-stock in 2 sizes (2,800 x 1,300 mm or 2,440 x 1,220 mm).
Concerning any other color demands please contact our sales team which will inform you accordingly. Our co-operation partner Hranipex supplies edge materials in identical color.

For all senosan® products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original color sample! All the colors on our website are given for orientation only, in no way can they be seen as legally binding. Product and color changes, all rights reserved.

Detailed information about a suitable cleaner for supermatt /matt surfaces can be found here .

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