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Senosan GmbH is a company specialized in multi-layer plastic sheet extrusion. The products developed for the furniture industry (high gloss Acrylic) named senosan® AM1500XU, AM1700XU, AM1800TopX and TopX Acryl Glass, offer a unique high gloss that can be considered an alternative to back painted glass and Piano Gloss finishing.

senosan® AM1800TopX and senosan® TopX Acryl Glass provide a high scratch resistance (scour resistance), enormous chemical resistance and UV stability.  Moreover it does not need any maintenance compared to standard high gloss Acrylic laminates.

Responding to the trends of the market Senosan also has developed a Super Matte Acrylic matching some of the high gloss Acrylic colors. senosan® AM1800TopMatt keeps the superior performance on scratch, chemical resistance and UV stability of its high gloss brother senosan® AM1800TopX but with a super matte finishing. This makes it the ideal surface to combine high gloss with matte surface at a single space, and definitely to use be used in a matte space.

The senosan® laminates are widely used in residential projects especially in Kitchen Cabinetry however they can be found in other parts of the house like bathroom vanities, living room and bedroom furniture.  And there is a wide open range of additional possibilities in commercial applications such as office furniture, Store Fixtures, Wall decoration, hospitality and healthcare spaces, not to forget their institutional use in cabinetry and decorative walls either.

Marker boards

Marker boards are becoming a part of the decoration in many work environments such us offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, etc.

Would you like to differentiate your marker boards from a conventionnal HPL?  Perhaps you would like to step out of a cold surface like glass?  Or you want to use a trendy color instead of the standard marker board colors?  If any of these questions are yes, we invite you to try our material.  We tested the superior chemical resistance of senosan®  AM1800TopX and we realized it can be used as marker board with no ghosting. 

Please contact us for more information.

Additional applications

The material can be used in other applications as light weight panel or interior doors. We believe in the multipurpose possibilities of our product, so please contact us and we will help you to develop your ideas.

How to Specify senosan®

If you want to specify our products in your projects as cabinet door or drawer fronts you need to note in your project the product name and color reference.  For example senosan®  AM1800TopX White 1982.  Just as reminder, the edge banding tape available in the market matches the color with a gloss ABS or two-tone.

senosan® high gloss films are available in 21 market-adjusted trend colors.

The unique benefits of senosan® AM1800TopX are shown in the videoclip - take some minutes and learn about the advantages of the laminate in everyday's life.


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