senosan® AM1800TopX

High gloss lacquered acrylic films

A new generation of scratch-resistant lacquer acrylic films in high gloss with enormous depth effect and convincing product properties.

senosan® AM1800TopX high gloss lacquered acrylic films, with their unmistakeable surface and depth effect offer a gloss effect like no other material. They can be distinguished by enormous scratch resistance, UV resistance and environment friendly features. All products are exactly matched as required to their target group of furniture manufacturers, suppliers, laminators and designers. With the new quality of senosan® AM1800TopX, a new film with enormous scratch resistance has been developed.

The benefits of senosan®AM1800TopX are:

  • excellent scratch resistance (scour resistant)
  • enormous chemical resistance
  • no polishing of the surface after removal of protective film
  • increased UV resistance

senosan® high gloss films are available in 21 market-adjusted trend colors and ex-stock in 2 sizes (2,800 x 1,300 mm or 2,440 x 1,220 mm).The delivery of further colors is possible on request.

Product Finish Scratch resistance Gloss level (60°) Color Application
senosan® AM1800TopX Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
1,1N Erichsen DIN 68861/ T4 IHD-W-466
Class 1
GLE ca. 90 Colored Flat lamination
senosan® AM1800TopX MET. Surface protection film,
Corona on reverse,
1,1N Erichsen DIN 68861/ T4 IHD-W-466
Class 1
GLE ca. 90 Colored,
Flat lamination

 *further thicknesses on request

Further high gloss films such as senosan® AM1500X (MET), AM1700X(U) and reverse side material HP17RS are available from Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH.

In order to be able to process senosan® successfully, pre-conditions such as suitable laminating equipment with corresponding adhesive types, clean production conditions and many other aspects must be available. As only a few companies have the required equipment to achieve a high value quality, some trading companies and specialised companies have concentrated on supply to this sector and are able to offer a suitable service package. Senosan GmbH is pleased to pass on these contacts.

Here you can find our trend colors which are available ex stock. Concerning any other color demands please contact our sales team which will inform you accordingly.

For all senosan® products, before ordering please definitely ask us for an original color sample! All the colors on our website are given for orientation only, in no way can they be seen as legally binding. Product and color changes, all rights reserved.


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