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Senosan GmbH is a member of the Klepsch Group as Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH and produces and markets co-extruded plastic films especially for the furniture industry.

Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH focuses on the manufacture of co-extruded plastic sheets and films for thermoforming. The areas of application range from vehicle manufacture to luggage, sanitary and refrigerator industries and through to advertising applications. Whilst Senoplast concentrates on these activities, Senosan GmbH specialises in the manufacture of co-extruded plastic films for the furniture industry under the established trade name of senosan® .
The vision of the company is, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards, to direct the products entirely towards the requirements of the furniture industry. This aim is achieved by means of intensive training of employees, an ambitious investment programme and by close co-operation with Senco R&D GmbH & Co KG, the development arm within the Klepsch Group. With the total of these activities, continuous further product development  is assured, based on the requirements of the furniture industry.

Company name Senosan GmbH
Head office and factory Wilhelm-Klepsch-Straße 1
5721 Piesendorf
Contact details Tel.:  +43 (0) 6549 74 44-10211
E-Mail: office@senosan.com
Web: http://www.senosan.com
Management KR DI Wilhelm Klepsch, Mag. Günter Klepsch
Business activities Manufacture of co-extruded plastic films
Trading name senosan®
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