The company Senoplast Klepsch & Co. GmbH in Piesendorf, Austria, has many years of market presence in the furniture industry and in the field of high gloss films in ABS/Acrylic with the trade name senosan® and offers an assurance of product safety and the highest quality with regard to surface excellence and colour consistency.
In 2011, Senosan GmbH was founded in order to direct production and marketing of these high gloss films specifically to meet the requirements of the furniture market.
With the new quality senosan® AM1800TopX we are reacting to the demands of the market in offering the acrylic surface in a clearly improved scratch resistance with known successful quality and enormous depth effect.
To achieve this, within the framework of a major investment a new extrusion plant with Inline-coating has been installed. Production is, of course carried out under clean room conditions in order to maintain the tried and tested senosan quality.


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